It was all a dream…

hero (Los Angeles, CA) is a contemporary artists that creates socially charged images with his blend of mixed media and spray paint. While acquiring his degree in film, his schooling introduced him to notable artists from the 20th century. His passion for graffiti and street art took him to the alley ways and aqueducts in Los Angeles, where he was introduced to some of the most infamous graffiti artists. His vast influences have inspired him to focus on the process of creation and the evolution of self exploration. He has been known to create paintings using everything from smoke bombs to designer fabrics. Hero gained global notoriety when he created an 80’s based character “AlfPacino,” which was quickly printed, stenciled, and stickered by fans around the world. His work has shown extensively in Los Angeles and across North America including Miami Art Basel and his solo show in Los Angeles. Hero’s appeal has had him featured in Dash Dolls and Complex magazine. His versatility has created opportunities from live painting for fashion week to live painting for the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday, from having a residency at the W Hotel in Hollywood, to painting at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival. Hero has had to opportunity to partner with with companies and organizations such as Vestal Watches, Project Ethos, Whole Foods, the ACLU, and Angel City Brewery. The continuous evolution of his artist process invites his audience to evolve with him and anticipate the next creative bloom.